Some people like to clean before the new year, and some people like to clean after. There are benefits to both. If you clean before the holidays, chances are you can sit back and enjoy all Strong chimney masonrythe fun and family that comes through your home. On the other hand, if you wait until after to do a thorough cleaning, you can put everything back just the way it was, wash all the sheets, straighten up the kitchen, and put away the new toys. If you are one of those who choose the post-holiday clean-up, there’s one thing that you should definitely not neglect, and that’s your chimney and fireplace. Over the course of the holidays, you probably used your fireplace more than normal. If you hadn’t had your fireplace cleaned and inspected for at least a year or more, then it’s especially important that you take the time to have this important job done now.

What Will We Be Looking For?

If it’s time – or more than time – to have your chimney cleaned and inspected and if you live in Worcester, Massachusetts or the surrounding communities, then it’s time to give Firesafe Chimney Service a call. When we come in and inspect, we’ll make sure that there is no spot left unchecked. We’ll make sure that your chimney crown is in great condition, that your flashings are nailed down and in place, that your chimney liner is in good condition and fits well, and that your firebox is not rusted and is in good condition. We have several levels of chimney inspection, from a Level One, in which we just do an examination of all the easily accessible parts of the chimney, to a Level Two, where we do a more thorough inspection using video equipment to examine the interior of your chimney to look for any damage which might have occurred over the course of a season’s use. If we do find damage, we may have to do a Level Three inspection, in which we actually take apart some parts of the chimney in order to get to the areas that need repair.

No matter what level of inspection you require, it’s important that you hire quality, highly-certified chimney sweeps like the ones the work at Firesafe Chimney Service. At Firesafe Chimney, our sweeps are Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) certified, which means we hold certification in the most highly recognized institute in the industry. We are also members of the Massachusetts Chimney Sweep Guild, as well as the National Fireplace Institute. These certifications and memberships ensure that all of our training is up-to-date and current, that we have all of the newest techniques and technologies available to make sure that any chimney cleaning or repair work that we do is of the highest quality.

Creosote Buildup

One area that is especially important to look at this time of year is creosote buildup. This time of year, because of the cold weather and the fact that you use your fireplace more often, creosote builds up very quickly on the interior of your chimney. The smoke that is released during the burning process is composed of moisture that’s left in the wood after the curing process takes place. The purpose of curing wood is to allow as much of the moisture to leave the wood as possible, but even after a lengthy curing process, as long as six months or more, some moisture still remains. That moisture, as well as chemicals produced during the combustion process, travels up the chimney and out into the great outdoors. When the warm smoke hits the interior of the chimney, which is especially cold during this time of year, it condenses and forms a layer of creosote. Creosote can be black and shiny, brown and gunky, but no matter what it looks like, it will be highly flammable. This means that it doesn’t take much to cause it to ignite into a fire. Fortunately, most chimneys don’t have enough oxygen to cause a roaring fire, but even a small chimney fire can cause chimney damage that, if left undetected, can get progressively worse until you have major damage that will take lots of time and money to repair.

Call Us Soon

Firesafe Chimney Service is a company that cares about the communities they serve. We live in the community, work, send our kids to school, shop the local stores, and because of that, we have established personal relationships with our customers Because of that, we will put ourselves on the line to do the best possible work. We want to make sure that our neighbors and our friends are kept safe and healthy all season long. That’s why we make sure that we keep up on all of our certifications, take advantage of every educational opportunity, and stay up-to-date on all the latest techniques and tools offered. For the best possible chimney care, give us a call soon.