There are some things you just need to do if you are a homeowner. If you are a homeowner with a fireplace, then you should take care of your chimney and fireplace on a regular basis. The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommends that you have a chimney inspection and cleaning on an annual basis for the most efficient and safest fireplace.

If you value the service you get from your fireplace and if you want to catch any problems before they get too big, you will need regular inspections and sweepings. At FireSafe Chimney Services, we offer professional chimney inspections and sweepings to ensure your system is in tip-top shape!

Catch It When It’s Easy

firefighter putting out fireYour fireplace, although sturdy, isn’t indestructible. The mortar can wear down, the flashing can tear and get loose, the crown can crack, the dampers can rust. Each of these parts along with the rest of your chimney’s anatomy needs to be in good working condition to keep your chimney working properly. It also helps to keep smoke and the chemicals it carries out of your home. It also helps with draft so that your fire burns efficiently. If these things aren’t happening, you’re losing money and also putting your family’s health at risk.

When you make an appointment for the professionals at Firesafe Chimney Service, we’ll do a complete check of all these parts to make sure they are doing its job correctly. Even if you’ve not been having issues with your fireplace, there can be hidden damage that could eventually turn into bigger issues. Did you know that a majority of chimney fires occur without the homeowner even being aware of it? Even though thoughts of a chimney fire conjure up images of flames blazing out onto the hearth and into your home.

However, the fact is that there isn’t normally enough oxygen in a chimney to let that happen, and most fires burn out before you know they’re happening. This is dangerous because there could be damage to the interior of your chimney while you keep using it anyway. With our inspection, we’ll do a thorough check, using video equipment if necessary, to make sure there is no interior damage to your chimney.

Clean it Out

Another problem you might be having is odor issues. Smoke, the byproduct of combustion, leads to a creosote buildup on the interior of your chimney. This is a flammable material that also carries a strong, nasty odor that could get back into your home. When we clean your chimney, we’ll clear out the creosote buildup along with other blockages we find to ensure that your chimney won’t be at risk for a chimney fire.

When it comes to chimney upkeep, the CSIA certified staff at Firesafe Chimney Service has the education, training, and experience to do the job right every time. Give us a call soon to schedule your annual inspection and cleaning!