Water is one of the more harmful things your chimney can be exposed to, but unfortunately, there’s no way to prevent your brick from experiencing at least some contact with sleet, snow, rain, and other types of moisture. The good news is that our team is equipped to both resolve any water-related masonry damages and put things in place to help issues from occurring again down the line – cue waterproofing.

How Does Water Affect My Masonry?

What damage can water cause to unprotected brick and mortar? Well, it helps to think of your brickwork as a sponge. This may sound strange, as bricks and sponges seem like two of the most dissimilar objects ever, but they share one big thing in common – they’re both absorbent.

That’s right – your strong, sturdy, reliable bricks are actually soaking in harmful water all the time, which makes your system more vulnerable to all kinds of decay and deterioration. Here’s the lowdown on water damage and masonry.

  • Waterproofing - Worcester MA - Firesafe waterWater triggers the freeze/thaw process. Once your bricks have absorbed any water, the freeze/thaw process (that vicious cycle of water freezing and expanding in your bricks and causing them to crack) is much more likely to wreak havoc all throughout those colder months of the year.
  • Water causes spalling. Your bricks will continue to break down more and more with every season they’re left unprotected. Eventually you’ll need to have them replaced or be left vulnerable to a settlement, tilted structure, or collapse.
  • Water breaks down your mortar. Strong mortar joints are a must when it comes to holding your bricks in place and keeping your chimney structure standing tall and strong for years to come. If your mortar weakens and crumbles, you’ll need to invest in professional tuckpointing services to get them back in tip-top shape again.

In addition to all this, weakened masonry leaves your home more susceptible to damage, too. Before you know it, you’ll be spotting water stains on your walls and ceiling, damage to your woodwork and floor, mold/mildew growth, and more.

How Does Waterproofing Help?

So, how does professional waterproofing improve brick performance and longevity? Well, for one thing it offers a reliable shield that helps to repel water. Basically, instead of soaking into your bricks and mortar, the water merely pools up and rolls off.

But when you trust a pro you can count on more than just a protective coating. The products used will also be vapor permeable, so that any pre-absorbed moisture can eventually work its way back out. Without this important quality, the water will simply stay trapped and continue causing damage and decay.

Can I DIY?

We understand the appeal of DIY and with waterproofing products lining the shelves, all claiming the power to get the job done, why not just grab a container and do the job yourself? …right?

Waterproofing - Worcester MA - Firesafe bricksHere’s the problem. Most of these products aren’t vapor permeable, which we already stressed the importance of above. Even those claiming to be may not offer as reliable of a shield as you think. It can be hard to rest easy in situations like these, wondering if the sealant you spent your money on is actually doing its job.

In addition to this, professional sweeps invest in extensive training to ensure important jobs like these get done right. Any minor mishap will mean your system is still vulnerable, meaning you’ll have put in a lot of time and hard work for nothing.

Play it safe and avoid expensive repairs by simply counting on us from the very start. We’d be happy to help with it all, so you don’t have to stress.

Why Trust Our Team?

The Firesafe team is well-known throughout Worcester and its surrounding areas for providing quality services. We’re highly experienced in the industry, and we hold many memberships and certifications, all of which keep us well-informed and up-to-date on any industry news or developments.

Above all, we try to put your needs and concerns first, always personalizing our services to match your preferences and budget. If you’re seeking care from a team that’s professional, friendly, and knowledgeable, we’re it!

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