When you think about your fireplace, one of the first images that come to mind is probably the fire crackling in the firebox. Or maybe you think of how aesthetically pleasing your fireplace is in the room, how appealing it is. What you probably don’t think about is that there may be some damage lurking in the interior of your chimney that you’re not aware of. One area that should be investigated is the chimney lining.

What is the Purpose of a Chimney Liner

When To Schedule A Chimney Relining - Worcester MA - Firesafe Chimney ServicesA chimney liner is defined as a “conduit containing a chimney flue used as a lining of a masonry or concrete chimney.” This liner acts as protection for the masonry of your chimney from corrosion caused by the chemicals in smoke. When you burn a fire, smoke is released. That smoke is composed of water vapor, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, methane, benzene, and many other chemicals. These chemicals can eat away at the mortar that holds your bricks together, and that can cause major structural damage. If this happens, some of those chemicals can sneak back into your home rather than be released through the chimney, which is what your chimney is designed for.

The Make-up of Chimney Liners

A chimney liner is usually made up of clay, metal, or ceramic tile, and it serves several general purposes. First, it protects the masonry from the negative effects that the chemicals in the smoke can cause. Another important thing that your chimney liner does is to protect the interior of your home from heat transfer. When you burn a fire in the firebox, heat is released up the chimney. The chimney liner keeps that heat going up rather than allowing it to be transferred to the wallboards, ceiling, and woodwork around the fireplace, where it can easily start on fire in a short amount of time.

Another important function of the chimney liner is to make your fireplace more efficient. In order to burn efficiently, a fire needs draft. That draft is generated down the chimney, but if the liner is not correctly sized, a good draft isn’t going to be present. A properly sized liner will let your fire burn hot, which will help keep your energy bills lower. Another benefit of a correctly sized chimney liner is that, because your fire will burn hotter, less creosote will build up in your chimney.

Hire the Best in the Business

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