What causes a chimney draft and how do you get rid of it? It has to do with air pressure inside and outside of your home. The goal is to have the same pressure inside your home as the outdoors, but that doesn’t always happen.We Can Solve Your Chimney Draft Problems - Worcester MA - FireSafe Chimney

Sometimes the air pressure inside the house is greater than outside, and this is positive pressure. However, if the opposite happens, where the pressure is lower inside than outside, now you have negative pressure which cause draft issues. Basically, this means that air from the outdoors is sucked indoors as a way to alleviate the pressure difference. When this happens, your chimney isn’t able to pull the smoke out like it should be.

Problems Associated With Chimney Draft

Smoky rooms are a major problem associated with draft issues, but there are others issues that can cause chimney draft. If you have problems with starting a fire, drafting might be the problem. Your chimney could be too small, and there isn’t enough air coming in to help combustion to happen. Your chimney could also be blocked, which means that there isn’t enough air coming in to start a fire.

Do you notice on windy days, the smoke actually puff back into your house, in rhythm with the wind blowing? This caused by draft issues. If your fire is not as hot as it should be, you also are experiencing draft problems most likely.

Solutions for Those Problems

The first step is to give the professionals at Firesafe Chimney Services a call. We can offer your a number of solutions to take care of drafting problems. If your problem is caused by blockage, that’s an easy fix. We can easily repair any blockages we find when cleaning your chimney. If the blockage is from creosote buildup, we have the proper tools to remove it all to ensure safety for your family.

However, sometimes the problem is more difficult such as a size problem with your chimney. If your chimney is too big or too small, then this will be a big project. It could include relining your chimney or extending your chimney. We may need to install a chimney cap. The worst case scenario is a chimney rebuild. We can handle all of your chimney and fireplace problems.

Call Firesafe Chimney Services

When you have a draft problem with your chimney, make sure to call Firesafe Chimney Services at 413-436-7946. You can be certain that your chimney and fireplace will be back to working conditions in no time with our professionals on your side.