When it comes to keeping your home in good shape and your family safer and more comfortable, investing in professional care for your appliances is a must! And as we approach cooler fall-time weather, you’ll want to ensure all of your heating systems are in good working condition and ready to bring you that warmth and comfort you desire.

If you’ve had your oil burners serviced already, then you probably think that’s one system you can cross off of your list, but the truth is there’s more to be done – and we can help!



Oil Furnaces Need Professional Sweepings, Too

Most don’t realize this, but your oil tech doesn’t actually do anything with the chimney in their inspection. This means there could still be damage or sulfur buildup present, which is imperative to address before running your system more frequently in these chilly months ahead.

What can happen if these issues aren’t addressed?

Well, if your unit is on the older side, all that buildup can quickly damage the tiles that line your chimney, which then leaves you with harmful cracking and crumbling. This could shorten the life of the chimney as well as the heating system which is now forced to work even harder to function efficiently (and let’s face it, it won’t be able to do the job as effectively as you’d like).

Damage also increases the likelihood of experiencing safety hazards in your home, which is the last thing you need to worry about as school starts up and the holidays approach.

Have a newer system? These are prone to pour a lot of moisture into your chimney over the winter, which can break and damage your tile if the proper precautions are not set in place.

And if you’re having a completely brand new system put in, then it’s imperative we ensure your chimney is brought up to current and appropriate coding regulations prior to installation. If things are not properly adhered to, potential for damage is very high. In fact, people often think leaks are coming from the outside when in actuality they’re caused by oil!

Another big problem is soot. In fact, it’s one of the biggest reasons these systems start to break down. Soot is made up of carbon and sulphur, and it’s a common byproduct of combustion, so avoiding it altogether isn’t really an option. That said, regular sweepings can do wonders when it comes to preventing extensive damage!

Along with all of this, moisture from the flue gases can mix with the sulphur in your soot to create something called sulphuric acid, which is known for causing spalling and flaking throughout your flue tiles – even for flues lined with metal liners.

In the end, it’s not worth taking any chances, especially when the safety of your home and family is at stake. And trust us – it’ll be a lot easier on your budget if you invest in affordable maintenance now! The more your damages are given the opportunity to worsen, the more expensive and time-consuming they’ll be to repair down the line.

Get started by giving us a call today – we’d be happy to help out with it all!

What to Expect During Our Service

During our inspections, we examine the chimney exterior, along with any portions available within the home, and we’ll also inspect the interior with the use of closed circuit video equipment. If a sweeping or repair is necessary, we’ll then move forward with appropriate services to ensure you can operate your system with the ease and peace of mind you deserve!

One thing we want our customers to know is that our techs will always be careful to detect any potential or hidden damage that could result in damage to your property or injury to those within the home.

And if all looks good, we can just schedule your next annual inspection, so you don’t have to think about your system for another year!

Why Trust Us?

So, why trust our team with the job? We’re a full-service, family-owned chimney company that takes pride in being educated, experienced, and dedicated to the satisfaction of our customer base. We have many 5-star reviews online, are known for being on time and dependable, and we hold certifications and memberships with many reputable organizations (like the CSIA, the NFI, the NSCG, the MA HIC, and more).

We know that staying educated, well-trained, and on top of any news and developments in the field is a must for keeping our customers safer, which is why we make this a priority! We’re also fully licensed and insured, so you can rest easy knowing you’re in the best hands possible, no matter the job at hand.

Customers appreciate that we tailor our services to their unique situations, and we make sure to factor in the specific needs, preferences, and budget restrictions of each of our customers. When it comes to inspecting and cleaning your oil (or gas!) furnace flue, we’re the team to trust every step of the way.

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