The smoke chamber of your chimney is something that you don’t think about too often because you can’t see it. It’s on the interior of your chimney and doesn’t really cause any problems that you can see. However, this may mean that you have problems that are caused by a faulty smoke chamber and not even know it. That’s one reason why it’s recommended that you have your chimney cleaned and inspected every year. If there’s a problem with your smoke chamber or any other part of your chimney system, you can be sure that Firesafe Chimney Service in Worcester will find that problem and fix it up before you’re ready to use your fireplace this winter.

What is a Smoke Chamber?Smoke chambers are out of sight and out of mind. Don't let it become a problem!

The smoke chamber sits above the damper and throat of your chimney and right below the chimney flue. The smoke collects in the smoke chamber and is directed up and out through the smaller opening at the top of the chamber. This is important because if the smoke isn’t directed out of the home, it could leak back into your home, causing an unpleasant smoky atmosphere. This can cause burning eyes, a scratchy throat, and coughing to occur. This is unpleasant for anyone, but if you or a loved one has health problems such as asthma or heart disease, it can cause these problems to intensify.

Smoke Chamber Problems

A common problem that can occur within your smoke chamber is chipping or cracking of the walls. Because the smoke travels best through a smooth passageway, cracks or chips in the walls of the smoke chamber can cause a less effective release of smoke. Another problem with your smoke chamber could be caused by improper construction techniques. Three of the walls of the smoke chamber are sloped, and it is tempting to use a corbelled, or stair step design to accomplish this slope. This design can cause a restrictive path for smoke to leave your home. If this is the case with your smoke chamber, we’ll recommend that you have it parged to smooth out the steps or fill any cracks or chips.


Parging is the process of using a layer of mortar to create a perfectly smooth surface in your smoke chamber. This can be a tricky process, but at Firesafe Chimney Service, we’ve had years of experience and know how to do the job just right. We’ll be sure to check for any uneven surface area, and will create a smooth, easy passageway for the smoke to leave your home.

Because your smoke chamber is out of sight, it’s easy to think everything is fine. Let us come in and do a thorough chimney inspection, and we’ll make sure that it’s up to code and working great to get you through a long Massachusetts winter!