It’s time to start thinking about getting your house ready for summer. After a long winter of staying indoors, it can get mighty dingy. In fact, with the whole family cooped up in the house during snowy weather, things may have broken. If so, it’s time to take inventory and check out those things that may need a little repair work. It’s a perfect time to get that work done before it’s summer is fully upon us!

There is one area of your home that you probably won’t be able to check out on your own, and that’s your masonry chimney. You can walk around your house and check out the mortar just by looking on the ground or by feeling the mortar. If there are white flecks or chips on the ground. If the mortar feels spongy or crumbly, it’s a pretty safe bet that you need some masonry work done. But some damaged areas of your chimney might be hidden away on the interior of your chimney, where you can’t see them.

Chimney Repair Workman fixing masonry

Every fireplace owner knows that it’s important to have their fireplace and chimney cleaned and inspected once a year. This ensures that the soot and creosote that has been building up all year gets cleared out. Another important reason to have your chimney inspected annually is to check for needed repairs. Unfixed repairs can get bigger if left untreated, leading to a dangerous or potentially deadly situation.

The chimney’s main purpose is to vent out the byproducts of fire: smoke and chemicals. If there is a breakdown in the masonry, that smoke may be re-entering your home, and that’s where the danger lies. It can cause worsening symptoms of asthma or other breathing problems. It could even lead to carbon monoxide leaking back into your home.

Water Leakage

Another issue that can arise with damaged mortar is water leakage. Cracks in the mortar may lead to precipitation leaking into the interior of your chimney and cause dampers to rust. This can keep them from sealing properly. This means that cold air from outside can drift into your home while you aren’t using your fireplace, or that all that smoke may not be getting out of your chimney when you are using it. There aren’t many experiences worse than having a room filled with smoke. And that’s only one of the problems that can occur when your chimney is leaky.

If you suspect that your chimney has masonry that needs to be repaired, now is the perfect time to call Firesafe Chimney Service to schedule that repair work, before the fall rush hits! Enjoy your summer knowing that the experts are taking care of your masonry repair!