Do you have some big jobs that need to be done, now that the spring breezes are blowing? Maybe you need some cement work done or a re-shingling job. One spring job that you need to take care of every year is getting the yard cleaned up. Sometimes that yard work can be more involved, like if you are doing a total landscaping job to change the look of your yard. Adding a fountain in the front yard can add a spot of beauty for you and a great place for birds to play. Sometimes, though, the work that needs to be done is out of your ability to accomplish. If one of your major jobs this spring includes masonry repair or some sort of chimney rebuild than give Firesafe Chimney Service a call. We’re experts at chimney rebuilds and masonry repair, and springtime is the perfect time to get these types of jobs done, so you can spend the summer doing fun things, like going to the beach or taking a long hike. Scheduling a Masonry Repair or Rebuild this Spring

Why Springtime is the Best Time

One type of masonry work that you may be looking at is tuckpointing. Take a look around the outside of your house and give your chimney a good look over. If the mortar seems soft and crumbly, or if there are flecks and flakes of white on the ground at the base of the chimney, you have a condition called spalling, and that’s a good indication that your mortar needs to be replaced in a process called tuckpointing. We’ll take the old mortar out and replace it with mortar that matches it in color and in strength. Spring is the perfect time to tuckpoint. The reason for this is because, in order to really get the mortar to set correctly, it needs to be a certain temperature outside – not too hot and not too cold. The ideal temperature is seventy degrees F, give or take 10 degrees or so. If the temperature gets below forty degrees, the mortar will need to be heated.

Another reason that spring is a great time to do some masonry work or chimney rebuilds is that, after a long winter of use, it’s time to have a good inspection and cleaning to get rid of any creosote build-up that may have occurred. Creosote can cause damage to your chimney because it is so flammable, and if it catches a spark, a chimney fire may occur. Also, there are chemicals in smoke that can eat away at the interior of your chimney, causing structural damage to occur. When we clean your chimney, we can inspect for any damage as well, and then set up a time to get any repair work done right away so you can get out and enjoy those summer outings without having to worry about chimney repairs waiting to be completed!

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With over ten years of experience and certifications from Chimney Safety Institute of America, National Fireplace Institute, and the Massachusetts Chimney Sweep Guild, Firesafe Chimney Service is the best company to call in the Worcester, Massachusetts area.