Everyone knows that it’s very important to have your wood burning fireplace and chimney cleaned on an annual basis. Dangerous levels of creosote can build up over time, obstructions from debris or nests can occur, and structural damage to your fireplace or chimney might be present. All these things can be very dangerous when it comes to the safety of your family and home. But if you own a oil, propane, or natural gas Inspections for Flues with Liquid Fuel - Worcester MA - FireSafe Chimneyappliance, is inspection still such a big deal? Yes – any type of heating appliance has the potential to cause dangerous situations, and it’s important to set up an appointment with a qualified chimney inspector every year to ensure that your property and loved ones are kept safe and sound.

Damaged Flue

When you have an oil burning heating appliance, it will have long running cycles. Over the course of a cold winter, this can cause a buildup of soot to occur. The creosote will stick to the surface of the flue. Over time, this buildup can flake off and start to fall down to the base of the chimney, and that can cause a restriction of the flue gases, including carbon monoxide. If this odorless, colorless gas is allowed to leak back into your home and build up there, it can cause serious health effects such as nausea, chest pain, dizziness, and headaches, and, if left unnoticed and untreated, can even lead to death.

A stainless steel chimney lining, it may not rust, but it can still suffer corrosion from the reaction to the soot’s corrosive effects. If you have a clay tile flue, it can become cracked, and this can give dangerous gases the chance to sneak back into your home.

Another problem that might happen with a cracked or damaged flue is that an unreasonable amount of heat might be allowed to filter back into your home instead of it being contained by the flue. If this occurs, the combustibles around your heating appliance might be in danger of burning, and if they catch on fire, it could cause a bigger fire to occur.

Natural Gas Appliances

Many people have natural gas appliances, and there are a lot of good reasons why. It’s inexpensive and because these are higher efficiency, but use less fuel. When you have a natural gas appliance, however, there are certain venting requirements that must be met. The best defense against a damaged or faulty system or improperly vented system is to have your appliance inspected on an annual basis.

Who to Call

According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America website, the best route to take is to hire a CSIA chimney sweep to take care of a damaged or dirty flue. Firesafe Chimney Services is not only CSIA certified, we’re also Massachusetts Chimney Sweep Guild and National Fireplace Institute certified. This is proof positive that we are striving to be the best possible chimney sweep company in the business! Give them a call today!