When you think about your home, the one structure that seems pretty indestructible is the chimney. Even when you see pictures of old homes that have come down due to age, weather conditions, or fire, the one part that is always left standing is the chimney. So there’s not much you can do to damage it, right? Incorrect. Your chimney is prone to damage just like every other part of your fireplace system. In fact, damage to your chimney is more dangerous because of the important purpose of a chimney. It is designed to contain smoke’s dangerous chemicals so that you aren’t breathing them in.

Damage isn’t easy to see with the untrained eye so homeowners often believe that there isn’t damage, and incorrectly assume they don’t need an inspection. Without regular maintenance, small problems can quickly escalate into big items. These big issues require expensive repairs, fire hazards or possibly rebuilds. So call on Firesafe Chimney Services!

Weakened Chimney MasonryStrong chimney masonry

One of the most important parts of your chimney structure is the mortar. Unfortunately, it is also a part that is most easily damaged, not only by the corrosive chemicals that are hidden in smoke but also from the weathering effects of precipitation that it’s impossible to keep it away from. Part of the problem is the freeze-thaw cycle. When precipitation hits, it doesn’t roll right off the surface. Some of that moisture permeates into the pores of the mortar, and it rests right there. When the temperature drops below freezing, that moisture freezes and expands, and that causes those pores to expand as well, leaving more space for the next round of precipitation that hits. This causes the very structure of your chimney to weaken over time.

The smoke from your fire also causes damage. It carries corrosive chemicals that can eat away at the mortar from the interior, and this can cause cracks that will allow that smoke to sneak back into the house instead of out and away from the house through the chimney. This can cause major health issues for you and your family.

Call Firesafe Chimney Service

Because your chimney masonry is so crucial to the health and safety of your family, the choice of which chimney specialist to call is an important one. If you live in central Massachusetts, the company to call is Firesafe Chimney Service. We are a Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) certified company, and we take pride in the service we offer in both sales and chimney inspection, sweeping, and repairs. If you’re looking for chimney masonry inspection or repair, we’re the right choice to make!