It is CSIA recommended that homeowners invest in annual chimney inspections. As an organization that promotes chimney knowledge and fire safety above all else, they know how important it is to have your system checked over before the start of every burning season, and you can bet that you’ll have a safer and more comfortable winter if you invest in yours right away.roof fiFall Chimney Sweeping and Fireplace Inspection - Worcester, MA - Firesafe Chimney Serviceslled with leaves

Learn more about why sweepings and inspections are both such important services, then count on the qualified, experienced, and highly trained team at Firesafe Chimney Services to set you up right.

Avoiding Buildup

Clogs and obstructions throughout your flue can lead to smoke backing up into your home, inefficiency, carbon monoxide exposure and more. Performing a thorough and in-depth inspection will reveal whether or not any buildup is present, and our sweeps are qualified to remove any blockages that may hinder your system’s safety or performance.

We can also suggest some forms of preventative maintenance, such as chimney cap installation, a top-sealing damper, and more. We’re eager to work with you to find the solutions you deserve. Call today, and we can set up an appointment for your annual inspection. With fall weather upon us, there is no time to lose!

Preventing Chimney Fires

Now, another major reason annual inspections and regular sweepings are so important is due to a substance called creosote that builds up in your chimney as you use it, and it must be regularly removed. Why is it so important to remove it? Well, creosote is very flammable and, the more you have of it, the higher your chances will be of experiencing a chimney fire.

If flames are allowed to fill your chimney, you’ll be looking at a lot of damage and your system will no longer be safe for use. As things break down, smoke, flames, and carbon monoxide will be given easy pathways through which they can enter your home and harm loved ones. These damages take a lot of time and money to fix up, as well.

Your best option is to invest in care before things escalate to this point. Set up an appointment with our team, so we can get your system cleared of creosote and ready for use.

Jim Walling, Derek Hannah & Their Team Of Experts Are Here To Help!

We believe in the importance of education and high-quality customer care. We are certified with the CSIA and the NFI, and we are members of highly-esteemed organizations, such as the NCSG and the MCSG. We are also licensed in the state of Massachusetts and hold an MA HIC registration. Our highly ranked company has been serving the area for years, and we would love the chance to help you out, too.

Don’t leave your fireplace in the hands of someone inexperienced and underqualified. Get our experts on the job today. We’re just a phone call away!