There are different levels of doing tasks. Take housecleaning, for instance. There are times when you do a more thorough cleaning, like dusting and moving furniture to vacuum behind it. Then there are times when all you have time to do is stick some stuff in a closet and throw the dishes in the dishwasher. In the spring, it just feels like it’s time to dig in and do some deep down cleaning. It feels good to clean from top to bottom, Level 1, 2, and 3 Inspections - Worcester MA - FireSafe Chimney Servicewashing walls, cleaning the windows, and making sure the closets are cleared out. This is a good time to schedule your annual chimney sweeping and inspection as well. When it comes to chimney inspections, there are also three levels of inspections. We’ll come in and let you know exactly what level of chimney inspection you need!

Level One

If you properly use, care for, and maintain your chimney, you probably just need a Level One chimney inspection. Proper care includes regular inspections and burning well-seasoned wood. This level of inspection will be inspecting the areas that are easy to get to and easy to see. If we see areas that need a closer look, we’ll recommend a Level Two inspection.

Level Two

In a Level Two inspection, we’ll do a more in-depth inspection using video equipment to dig deeper into your chimney system. If you’ve had some internal damage, such as damage from a major weather system or a chimney fire, you’ll want this type of inspection. It determines what damage was sustained and what type of repair work needs to be done. If you’ve made any changes to the heating system or if you’re buying a property with a fireplace, you’ll need to get a Level Two inspection as well.

Level Three

Sometimes you can have severe chimney damage, and that requires a Level Three inspection. If you know that you have had a major chimney fire or if there was a storm that it hit your chimney, you’ll want us to come in, access the damage, and have us fix what’s wrong. There might also be damage to your flue liner, and that’s another thing that we can take care of. With a Level Three inspection, there will be removal of some parts of your chimney in order to get to the areas that need to be inspected. This will help us see how much damage there is and what we can do to fix it right.

Let Us Inspect Your Chimney!

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