Cold and snow definitely have an effect on lots of things. Everyone knows that you need to put plants indoors if a freeze is in the forecast. If you don’t have a garage and there’s a freezing rain situation, you can expect to spend some time getting your doors open and the windows clear. Cold and snow can even have an effect on people. If it’s nasty weather, you’ll find people snuggled up in front of a crackling fire. Road repairs are often necessary because of the effects of cold weather as well. And your chimney can also suffer damage during rainy and snowy weather. That’s one reason you want to make sure to have your chimney inspected on a regular basis.Cold Weather and Your Chimney - Worcester MA - FireSafe Chimney

Freeze-Thaw Cycle

When precipitation hits, it’s nice to be in your house, protected from the elements. Your chimney, unfortunately, doesn’t have that same protection. The bricks and mortar of your chimney are a porous material. When rain or other precipitation hits, the water can seep into those pores. In the summer, this isn’t such a serious situation, but when the weather turns cold, it’s a different story. Water expands when it freezes, and as it expands, it’s causing pressure on the brick or mortar, causing the pores to expand as well. The next time it precipitates, there are larger pores for the water to settle in, and the freezing temperatures will again cause the water to expand. This cycle will continue through the freezing winter months, and before you know it, you could be looking at some major structural damage.

What You Can Do

You may think that there really isn’t much that you can do to prevent damage from the freeze-thaw cycle. It’s not like you can cover your chimney every time it rains! There are a couple of things that might help, however. The most important thing for you to remember is to make sure you are having your chimney cleaned and inspected on a regular basis. At Firesafe Chimney Services, we can help by looking for structural damage that might be the result of cold weather damage.

Another thing you might consider is having your chimney waterproofed. The Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends that you have your chimney service apply a coat of waterproofing material to your chimney to help prevent the effects of weathering. At Firesafe Chimney Services, we use the best waterproofing agent in the industry to make sure that your chimney is protected from the negative effects of precipitation. We are trained to repair and waterproof chimneys to prevent further damage. We guarantee that your chimney will be protected for the next 10 years. Give us a call to set up an appointment to have your chimney cleaned, repaired, and waterproofed.