We’re getting closer to the end of the year and many are trying to think of ways to brighten up their homes for the holiday season. Well, here at Firesafe Chimney, we believe one of the best ways to do just that is by investing in a new fireplace!

That said, today’s market has all kinds of options to choose from. There are lots of questions you may be facing throughout this process (all of which we’d be happy to answer), but one of the more common ones is whether the homeowner should invest in a class A, or prefabricated, chimney or have a masonry chimney system built into their home.

Well, both have their pros and cons, and it’s really all about figuring out which would work better for your household. One thing to note is that this, time of year, constructing a masonry system isn’t always an option due to colder days and poor weather. That said, if you’re not looking for an immediate solution, this option may be worth waiting for!

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Let’s go over each a bit more in-depth.

All About Class A Chimney Systems

There are lots of benefits to getting a class A chimney, especially this time of year when constructing a masonry option isn’t always feasible. These include:

  • Faster Installation Time: Class A chimneys come as a set, are assembled on-site, and they are far less labor intensive to install than constructing a masonry system from scratch. If you want something that will be in your home soon for the holidays, then this is definitely going to be your quickest option.
  • Less Expensive: Because the materials are lighter and easier to assemble, there will be a lot less expense involved with a class A chimney. The parts themselves are cheaper than brick and mortar, and there will be less labor costs involved as well, since they don’t take multiple days to install.
  • Compatible With Multiple Fuel Types: Masonry chimneys aren’t compatible with all fuel types, but class A chimneys are approved for any fuel you wish to burn! If you have a strong preference for one over the other (or if you think you may switch things up in the future), this may be the better option.
  • Flexibility With Placement: Prefabricated units can be placed almost anywhere in your home, which is great for those with spaces that are smaller, more awkward, or simply harder to work with.
  • Not Vulnerable to the Freeze/Thaw Process: No brickwork means no freeze/thaw process – a harmful cycle that occurs when your brick and mortar absorb water that freezes and expands in cold weather.
  • Can Be Installed Year-Round: Constructing a masonry chimney is a more exhaustive process that should be saved for the warmer spring months when your system isn’t in use and low temperatures don’t inhibit structural soundness. Class A chimneys, on the other hand, can be safely installed year-round.

Now, there are clearly a lot of pros to a class A chimney, but it’s important to note the downsides as well. Class A chimneys won’t last as long as a masonry setup, so we wouldn’t consider them a lifetime investment. They also aren’t as durable as a brick and mortar system. Finally, some just want that classic aesthetic, and these simply can’t compete with a traditional masonry setup in terms of visual appeal.

All About Masonry Chimney Systems

Now, like we’ve said, setting up a masonry chimney this time of year likely won’t be a viable option for you. That said, if you’re able to wait until spring and feel like it’d be worth the investment of time and money, this route could be well worth it! Here are some pros to having a masonry chimney setup:

  • Aesthetic Appeal: It’s undeniable that masonry chimneys and fireplaces offer a timeless and classic ambiance that simply cannot be beat. There are lots of other beautiful options out there, but if you want the real deal, this is the only way to go!
  • Resale value: Because fireplaces are such a desirable feature in a home, a long-lasting masonry setup could be a big selling point when it comes time to sell your home.
  • Long-lasting: Masonry chimneys are considered more of a lifetime commitment, so you won’t have to worry about replacing the unit every decade or so.
  • Known for Durability: When appropriately cared for, brick chimneys can stand tall and strong for decades, withstanding all kinds of bad weather and wear and tear!

In the end, there are a lot of ways in which masonry chimneys can’t be beat, but they will cost a lot more to build, and there is much more labor involved. It’s also important to note that masonry chimneys don’t have as many options when it comes to placement. Oftentimes, there are only one or two places they can be put in the home, whereas class A chimneys can be installed almost anywhere.

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