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Have you added a wood, pellet, or gas-burning stove to your home? A Class A chimney system may be the ideal venting solution for you! Manufactured chimney systems are metal chimneys that are made in-factory (as opposed to masonry chimney systems which are built on-site at your home).

Here at Firesafe Chimney Services, we recommend and install the top Class A chimneys and venting systems to complete your new or old stove installation, regardless of fuel type. Additionally, new high-efficiency furnaces often require either a Class A chimney system or a stainless steel lining system be installed in an existing masonry chimney. If you have a new, high-efficiency furnace, our experienced Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified chimney sweeps can evaluate your situation and advise you on which type and manufacturer of chimney or venting system would be ideal for your situation.

What Makes Class A Chimneys a Great Choice?

Homeowners opt for manufactured chimneys for a variety of reasons:

  • Installation is faster & less labor intensive. Because Class A chimney systems are made in the factory and simply assembled on-site, installation is faster and less labor intensive. This means savings in both labor and time!
  • Lighter and more affordable materials. Chimneys made of brick and stone are heavy and costs can add up quickly. Sometimes, there’s simply not footing to support the weight of a masonry chimney and not enough wiggle room in the budget to make a masonry chimney worth it.
  • Many Class A chimney systems are approved for all fuel types. Some materials aren’t able to stand up to the corrosive byproducts of certain fuel types. By choosing a Class A chimney that’s U.L. tested and approved for use with all fuel types, you can be confident your new chimney will stand strong, year after year.

If you’d like to talk with a knowledgeable, honest, and experienced chimney and venting professional about your venting needs, reach out to Firesafe Chimney Services! We’re more than happy to evaluate your venting needs and help you determine what type of Class A chimney would best suit your situation. We have years of experience and we’re proud to serve our neighbors throughout central Massachusetts. Give us a call today at 413-436-7946 or use our online appointment request form to request your appointment today.


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