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You know the old saying, “Knowing is half the battle?” It’s true! If you don’t know what kind of condition your chimney or fireplace is in and how it’s performing (or more importantly, what you could do to boost performance), you certainly can’t do anything about it. Do you know what kind of condition your chimney is in? Do you know if there are any performance issues or safety hazards? The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) know that you can’t address safety and performance issues if you don’t know about them, which is why both of them urge homeowners to schedule chimney inspections each and every year. Whether you’re having performance issues or not, an annual inspection is always a good idea. Whether you need a level one, two, or three inspection, our team has your back.

  • Level One — When everything’s running smoothly and you just want to have your system looked at to make sure there are no issues or concerns, a level one is the inspection for you. Level one inspections don’t involve any invasive procedures or dismantling, but can provide a quick look at the system from chimney cap to firebox.
  • Level Two — If your chimney system has undergone any changes — from performance to chimney relining, chimney fire, new appliance, or new fuel type — a level two is a better idea. We look at the system as a whole (just as we do in a level one), but we also use a video camera to look at the interior of the flue. Level two inspections are also recommended when purchasing or selling a property, as they allow a closer look at the chimney’s condition than a home inspector could provide.
  • Level Three — Still having problems that a level two inspection can’t pinpoint? Then a level three inspection may be needed. These inspections can involve the removal of some parts of the chimney system and the surrounding areas of the home, so they’re really only recommended if there’s no other way to pinpoint and address the problem.
Chimney Inspections
What’s going on with your chimney system? Be in the know, boost performance, reduce fire risk, and tackle problems early on by keeping up with annual inspections. Call Firesafe Chimney Services today at 413-436-7946 to schedule your next chimney inspection or reach out through our online scheduling form!


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