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A common and challenging issue many homeowners face is poor draft. In order to really achieve proper draft and operate efficiently, your chimney needs a certain amount of air to pull from. The problem is, today’s homes are designed to be more airtight for the purpose of reducing air loss and energy bills — and while this may be good for your wallet, it’s no good for your chimney. In energy-efficient homes, chimneys are starved for air and are unable to properly vacate the products of combustion from your home. As a result, you may find yourself fanning smoke and running to the windows when you light a fire in your fireplace or stove. Sound familiar?

Other common culprits include downdrafts and gusts of wind, tall trees near the home, insufficient chimney height, and changes to the home, like the installation of equipment fans, dryers, kitchen hoods, bath hoods, and other appliances that compete for air within the home. Whatever it is, it doesn’t have to rob you of relaxing nights by the fire — let Firesafe Chimney Services help.

We can perform a total house air assessment and figure out what modifications are needed to correct your poorly drafting chimney. And since we’re thorough, professional, educated, experienced, and committed to providing meaningful solutions, you can expect a resolution fast. Whether the verdict is that you need to have a chimney draft fan installed or your chimney extended, you can count on our fully licensed and certified team of draft problem resolution experts to take care of it.

Draft Problem Solutions

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