Water Making Its Way In Through The Crown? We’ll Repair Or Rebuild It!

Sometimes the cause of a chimney leak is damage to the crown or poor construction. The crown is that cement area that horizontally seals the chimney top. The purpose of the crown is to cover the top surface of the masonry chimney and prevent water from entering the interior cavity of the chimney, where it could cause severe damage to the masonry and the flue systems.

When crowns are completely exposed to the elements without protection or are improperly designed or constructed, they can develop large cracks, wear thin, and cease to provide protection to the masonry chimney. So what can be done?

  • Crown Repair — Does your crown have damage here and there? You may simply need to have cracks filled and sealed and have your chimney protected with the application of a water repellent to prevent future cracks. If this is the case, we can provide fast and effective repairs.
  • Crown Rebuild — If damage is too extensive or the crown was poorly built, you may need to have it completely rebuilt. In these situations, we’ll need to remove the old crown and build a new one, making sure it’s built to proper specifications. The new crown will need to be at least 3 inches thick at its thinnest point, slightly angled, and extending beyond the edge of the masonry chimney. It will also need to be constructed of a quality cement that’s designed to take the abuse of rain, snow, sleet, and ice.
  • Chimney Cap Installation —Having a properly sized chimney cap is another great option for giving your chimney crown extra protection. A good cap will shield the majority of the crown and protect it against the attack of water. To learn more about chimney caps or to speak to one of our chimney professionals about having a cap installed, give us a call.

Is it time to have your chimney crown professionally repaired or rebuilt? Give Firesafe Chimney Services a call at 413-436-7946 or reach out to us through our online scheduling form — we’ll send a professional out to you ASAP.


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