With Our Waterproofing Services, You’ll Enjoy A Strong & Beautiful Chimney, Decade After Decade

Water is, by far, the biggest contributor to chimney damage and deterioration. Whether you’ve recently had a leak or you want to be confident your chimney is protected against such nightmares, investing in chimney waterproofing is a smart choice. When professional grade chimney water-repellent products are applied, the chimney’s naturally porous brick and mortar are prevented from absorbing excessive water. And when water isn’t absorbed, many types of chimney damage can be avoided:

  • cracking
  • spalling
  • crumbling
  • holes
  • discoloration
  • vegetation growth
  • freeze-thaw damage
  • mildew & fungus
  • efflorescence
  • and more.

No water damage means a strong and beautiful chimney, decade after decade. And who doesn’t want that?

Chimney Waterproofing

ChimneySaver Gets The Job Done & Provides 10 Years Of Protection, Guaranteed

So what waterproofing products do we use here at Firesafe Chimney Services and how do they work? We’re proud to use ChimneySaver water repellent, which is the industry’s best and most trusted waterproofing product. When professionally applied, it provides 100% vapor permeable protection, which means it will effectively keep water out and allow vapor inside the brick to safely escape. Water penetration is reduced by 99.9% and the masonry is protected against water for 10+ years. It’s also:

  • environmentally safe and friendly.
  • available in water-based and solvent-based formulas.

And if you’re worried about it changing the look of your chimney — don’t be. This product won’t leave a surface film or alter your masonry’s appearance in any way (like many other products will).

So what are you waiting for? Request an appointment with one of our CSIA-certified professionals and give your chimney the protection it needs. Call 413-436-7946 or fill out our online scheduling form today!


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