Relining Your Chimney With Stainless Steel Is A Smart Investment That Will Last You A Lifetime

Tee Chimney Photo - Worcester MA - Firesafe Chimney ServiceWhen you schedule a chimney inspection to make sure your chimney system is ready for the fall, it can be pretty disheartening to hear that your liner is damaged and needs to be replaced. It’s typically an unplanned expense, but you also know it’s important because a damaged liner can lead to smoke problems, fireplace performance issues, carbon monoxide poisoning, and even a dangerous and damaging chimney or house fire. What are your options?

Well, galvanized metal liners are the least expensive option, but they’re not the smartest choice. Here’s why:

  • Galvanized/aluminum chimney liners aren’t approved for venting all fuel types. Aluminum may not even be an option for you given your current appliance, but if you swapped fuels in the future, you’d also have to worry about possibly relining again then.
  • Galvanized/aluminum chimney liners are prone to rust and corrosion. As an area of the chimney that’s exposed to corrosive gases, high heat, and moisture every time a fire is in the fireplace, you need a chimney liner that will stand up strong under attack. Galvanized steel and aluminum liners are not the answer.

Does your chimney liner need to be replaced before the next burn season? Why not invest in something that’s going to last you a lifetime instead of purchasing a liner you’ll only have to replace again in the future? A stainless steel liner won’t let you down.

Why Stainless Steel?

Why pay a little extra for a stainless steel liner from Firesafe? Well, for starters, they’re:

  • Rust/Corrosion Resistant & Backed By A Lifetime Warranty— Here at Firesafe, we sell and install the most durable and rust/corrosion resistant stainless steel liners available. These carry Lifetime Warranties, so you won’t have to worry about your new liner failing you a few years or even a few decades down the road.
  • Strong When Other Liners Fail — Our stainless steel liners are corrugated and can expand and contract with temperature changes. What’s that mean for you? It means your liner won’t break apart under the stress, while a liner made of a weaker metal certainly would.
  • Approved For Venting All Fuel Types — For safety reasons, it’s imperative that your chimney liner be approved for venting your appliance. Not every metal or material is capable of containing the heat and byproducts produced by every fuel, and if the liner fails, your safety could be greatly compromised. Our stainless steel liners, on the other hand, are approved for venting pellet, oil, coal, corn, wood, and gas, and can withstand the abuse these fuels throw at them.
  • U.L. Listed — Safety and performance are key to the enjoyment of your fireplace, stove, or insert. When you choose to have your chimney relined with one of our stainless steel liners, you can be confident the product passes the highest standards for safety and is U.L. listed and tested for your safety and peace of mind.

And if you have an unusually shaped chimney or offsets in your flue, don’t worry — we have liners that can fit just about any chimney, no matter the shape or size.

Note: Manufactured chimneys are not U.L. listed and tested to be relined.

Trust Installation To The Experienced & Qualified Team At Firesafe

Is it time to have your chimney relined? Whether your existing liner is damaged, you’ve had a chimney fire, you’re changing appliances or fuel types, or you have an older chimney that was built without a liner, stainless steel liners can be a great, long-lasting solution. And when you have your liner installed by the CSIA– and NFI-certified team of licensed, registered, and insured professionals here at Firesafe, you can rest assured installation will be done right.

We also insulate all of the new stainless steel liners we install to meet U.L. listing and testing. This ensures that, should a chimney fire ever occur or the chimney lack proper clearance to combustibles, heat would be contained and a fire would be prevented from spreading to other areas of the home.

Enjoy better fireplace performance and a safer home this fall and winter — call Firesafe Chimney Services at 413-436-7946 and schedule your chimney relining. With Firesafe, you’re in caring and capable hands. Call or request an appointment online today.