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The purpose of a chimney liner is to contain moisture, gases, and heat as they’re produced by the fire. But, as you can imagine, chimney liners can be damaged over time as a result of their exposure to this heat, moisture, and gas. Tile liners are especially susceptible to damage and can crack as a result of thermal shock, freeze/thaw cycles, and the excessive moisture produced by high-efficiency furnaces.

But what’s so bad about a deteriorating or damaged liner?

When cracks are present in the liner, dangers can result. For one, heat can transfer to the combustibles in the home (near the chimney), resulting in a structure fire. Additionally, a section of tile could fall into the flue system, obstruct the passageway, and result in potentially deadly carbon monoxide exposure for those in the home.

And it’s not just clay tile-lined chimneys that may undergo damage. Manufactured chimneys may also need to be replaced or have damaged parts replaced, should the lining undergo damage as a result of chimney fire or corrosive acids and chloride deposits. Note: Manufactured chimneys are not U.L. listed and tested to be relined.

We Reline With Stainless Steel & Resurface With HeatShield®, Strong & Safe For All Fuels

Here at Firesafe Chimney Services, we reline using stainless steel lining systems that have been U.L. listed and tested for venting the appliance being used. Gas and oil furnace systems may produce heavy condensation, which could deteriorate a new tile-lined chimney in just a matter of months. That’s why most furnace manufacturers require the installation of a stainless steel lining system made of an alloy that will resist corrosion from acids and chloride.

For chimneys serving solid-fuel appliances, wood stoves, and pellet stoves, the new stainless steel lining system will need to be insulated to meet U.L. listing and testing and to ensure heat containment, should a chimney fire occur or the chimney lack proper clearance to combustibles.

We’re also proud to be certified HeatShield® installers. HeatShield® is a complete system that uses the strength and durability of a ceramic/refractory hybrid to insulate, repair, and resurface terra cotta or clay tile flues. There’s also a CeCure® sleeve relining option for those chimneys in need of a little extra. You won’t believe the difference HeatShield® can make!

Chimney Liner

Relining Should Only Ever Be Performed By A Professional

Chimney relining should only be performed by a Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified chimney sweep with an MA CSL Contractor License and Home Improvement Contractor Registration. But where can you find a professional who’s certified, licensed, and registered to do the job? Right here at Firesafe Chimney Services. No matter what type of appliance your chimney is venting, you can count on Firesafe Chimney Services to provide professional relining that restores your chimney.

To request an appointment to have your chimney inspected or relined, give us a call at 413-436-7946 or reach out to us through our online appointment request form. We look forward to making your chimney great again!


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