Whether Large Or Small, We Can Take Care Of Your Chimney Repairs

No chimney is impervious to damage, whether old or new. But no matter what type of repairs are needed to restore your chimney and boost its performance, efficiency, safety, and appearance, leave it in the hands Firesafe Chimney Services.

Our team is Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified, National Fireplace Institute (NFI)-certified, and receives ongoing education through the Massachusetts Chimney Sweep Guild (MCSG) and the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG). We also hold a Massachusetts Construction Supervisor’s License (MA CSL) and a Massachusetts Home Improvement Contractor’s Registration (MA HIC) and have decades of industry experience. When you entrust your chimney repairs to us, you can be confident you’re getting professional work performed by industry experts. Some of the chimney repairs we can tackle for you include these services:

  • Chimney Relining — As the part of the chimney that contains heat, gases, and moisture, your chimney liner is a vital component in determining the safety and efficiency of your chimney system as a whole. When it’s damaged, you’ll need to have your chimney relined. Here at Firesafe, we use stainless steel lining systems, which are U.L. listed and tested and approved for venting all fuel types, including high-efficiency gas furnaces. We’re also certified HeatShield® installers and can repair, resurface, and restore deteriorating clay tile or terra cotta liners. We’re all about providing the very best and most effective options.
  • Masonry Repairs — Aside from reducing the curb appeal of your home, a damaged and deteriorating masonry chimney can be unsafe and lead to a host of problems, including chimney leaks. Whether you need to have brick replaced or mortar joints ground out and packed with fresh mortar, our team of professional masons can take care of it.
  • Fireplace Smoke Chamber Repair — The smoke chamber just below your chimney flue, like the flue, needs to be free of damage, cracks, and gaps, and must be properly insulated and shaped. If it’s not, you could have problems ranging from smoke backup in your home to excessive creosote buildup, carbon monoxide exposure, and even a house fire. But the good news is, we have the highly insulating and durable products and systems to parge your smoke chamber smooth and restore its safety and functionality. A better performing, safer fireplace is possible when you have your smoke chamber parged smooth.
  • Chimney Caps & Dampers — When it comes to protecting and preserving your chimney system both inside and out, quality chimney caps and top-sealing dampers can go a long way. Both cover the flue opening and prevent rain, snow, ice, sleet, birds, animals, and debris from getting into the chimney system. If your chimney isn’t capped or you need to have a damaged throat damper replaced, ask us about our copper and stainless steel caps and top-sealing dampers. They’re a life saver for your chimney! We also sell and install copper and stainless steel chase covers to keep your prefab chimney dry and protected.
  • Chimney Leaks — A leaky chimney is a nightmare you don’t want to have — but if you’re living that nightmare right now, we can help. We’re leak resolution experts and can repair and replace flashing and chimney crowns and waterproof your chimney to prevent leaks in the future. Even if you don’t have a chimney leak, chimney waterproofing is one of the best ways to keep your chimney protected.

The best way to detect chimney damage in the early stages and pinpoint trouble spots is to schedule an inspection with a CSIA-certified chimney sweep. When was the last time you had your chimney inspected? If it’s been over a year, it’s time to get an appointment on the books. Call 413-436-7946 or reach out to us through our online schedule request form. Whatever repairs you may need, we’ll take care of them promptly and professionally — guaranteed.


The more you discover about us, the more confidence you’ll have in the services we provide. Call Firesafe Chimney Services today for performance you can count on.

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