It’s the middle of summer already, and time is passing by quickly. It seems like only yesterday the kids were getting out of school, you were buying a seasons ticket to the swimming pool or local amusement park to use all summer long, and stocking up on sunscreen for long afternoons at the beach. It also seemed like you had plenty of time to schedule your annual chimney inspection. The good news is that there still is plenty of time to get that inspection scheduled. Just give FireSafe Chimney Service a call at 413-436-7946 and we’ll get you scheduled! There are some good reasons to make that call now rather than wait until summer has passed by.Chimney Repairs - Worcester MA - FireSafe Chimney Services

Ease of Scheduling

First off, most people are natural procrastinators. This means that if you wait until later in the season, you’ll have to wait in line to get your inspection on the calendar. You’ll be scheduled at the convenience of other customers instead of at your convenience. In addition, there may be other damage that requires repair work. Repair work is easier to complete in the warm months of summer than the cold winter months.

Ease of Repair

If we diagnose masonry repair work or rebuilding, summer is the best time to address these issues. Mortar is a material that requires special conditions to work best, and one of these conditions is temperature. Since mortar is over six percent water content, it’s important that the temperature is at forty degrees or higher. If the weather is colder than this, the slower hydration can cause a destructive change in volume, expanding the mortar and causing cracks to appear.

Even though higher temperatures are a good reason to schedule masonry repairs early, another is general working conditions. You’ll want your chimney working great as soon as the weather gets cool, and if you wait too long, our workers will be at the mercy of the weather outside. Although we can get repairs done in the winter, bad weather can cause delays in getting the work done.

Bigger Repairs Equals Bigger Bills

Regular maintenance is key to making sure small repair jobs stay small. The earlier we catch a problem, the less likely it is to escalate into a larger problem. A chimney rebuild is going to cost more than chimney repairs, so catching that repair early will save you money in the long run. Summer wind and rain can cause deterioration in the structure of your chimney, especially if there is already some structural damage. Avoid additional repair bills and make sure your chimney is up and running in time for the first frost of autumn by calling FireSafe Chimney Service today. We’ll schedule your inspection early and efficiently, quickly, and correctly take car of all repairs!