If you’re lucky enough to live in Worcester, Massachusetts, you know that fall weather brings chill air and the thoughts of the snowfall that will soon come. One thing that means is that you’ll be wanting to make sure your chimney and fireplace are in prime condition to use when cold weather hits. The best way sweep climbing ladderto do that is to give Firesafe Chimney Service a call and let us come in and do a thorough inspection and cleaning and to take care of any necessary repair work we might find.

Taking Care of Leaks

One thing we’ll be looking for is signs of leakage. You might be noticing some interior signs, like brown or spongy spots on your ceiling or wallpaper, or rusty looking stains on the bricks. If signs of leakage are evident, we’ll check out the key areas where these leaks might be occurring and take care of them. One of those areas might be your chimney cap or your chimney crown. The chimney crown is the built-on section at the top of the chimney, and the cap is the added-on appliance that sits on top of the crown. These are built to work together to direct precipitation away from the opening of the chimney and away from the joint where the chimney meets the roof. If we notice that your chimney crown has cracks or if your chimney cap has dents, is rusted, or has other damaged areas, we’ll repair the crown or replace the cap to stop precipitation from leaking down the chimney.

Another area that is especially susceptible to leaks is that area where the roof meets the chimney. To protect this area, your contractor has added flashing, which is the alternating layers of metal strips that have been placed to direct the precipitation away from this junction. If the flashing is torn or ripped, it’s probably not doing the job well and we’ll make sure to replace it.

Some repair work may be necessary because of the freeze-thaw process. Mortar and bricks are porous materials, so when precipitation falls, it stores in those pores. When the temperatures drop below freezing, that precipitation freezes and expands, causing the pores to expand. This can cause your mortar to weaken. If we find that your mortar is crumbling or soft we’ll replace it with a process called tuckpointing, which is removing the old mortar and replacing it with fresh, strong mortar. If your mortar is weak, the structural integrity of your chimney may be in danger of shifting, so tuckpointing is an important repair job to have completed. Once tuckpointing is done, we can waterproof your chimney as well.

Why Firesafe Chimney Service

At Firesafe Chimney Service, our CSIA certified employees are trained and qualified to do waterproofing and any other repair jobs your chimney may need. We take our work seriously, so only the highest level of education and training satisfies our high standards, and that’s what we get from the Chimney Safety Institute of America. We aren’t satisfied with doing anything less than the best work, and you shouldn’t be either, and that’s why you should call Firesafe Chimney Service today to take care of all your chimney and fireplace needs.