Owning a home with a fireplace is something that many people strive for. There’s just something homey and comfortable about a fire burning in the fireplace, no matter what you’re doing. If you’re baking and need a break, what better place to take a little rest? Or if you’re cleaning, it’s just comfortable to have a fire burning in the background when you go from room to room. Of course, hanging out after a hard day’s work is better in front of a crackling fire. But one thing that might hold people back from enjoying a fire is the fear of a chimney fire. If the unthinkable happens and you do experience a chimney fire, there are some steps you need to take.What to do After a Chimney Fire- Worcester MA - FireSafe Chimney

Signs of a Chimney Fire

If you’re sitting in front of your fireplace and start to hear some crackling and popping or a roaring sound, if you notice dense smoke coming out of your chimney, or if you smell an unusual hot smell, chances are you’re experiencing a chimney fire. Do not ignore these signs! If you believe you’ve had a chimney fire, do not use your fireplace again until you do a few things. The first thing you should do is to give us a call! At Firesafe Chimney Service, we know just what to look for to determine if you’ve had a chimney fire and we can help you make sure it doesn’t happen again.


One thing that we’ll be looking for is puffy, honeycomb looking creosote. This shows that the creosote buildup you had in your chimney was exposed to a high temperature. We’ll also be looking at your chimney cap to see if there’s any distortion, and also for damage to your chimney liner. These are just a few of the clues that you’ve had a chimney fire.


Once we’ve looked over your chimney and fireplace for signs of a chimney fire, we’ll be ready to advise you on what may need to be replaced or repaired. At Firesafe Chimney Services, we know just what to look for and just what to do when it comes to repair work. It’s important to take care of any chimney damage as soon as possible because repairs that are left unfixed could easily lead to structural damage.

Routine Service

Did you know that chimney fires can happen without you even knowing it? This is one reason why annual inspections are so important. Another reason, of course, is chimney fire prevention. When you use your fireplace, creosote will build up over time, and that’s a chimney fire just waiting to happen. During your annual inspection, we’ll also be looking for any type of damage to the anatomy of your chimney, such as the dampers, the chimney liner, or the chimney cap. You can trust your annual chimney inspection to the professionals at Firesafe Chimney Service!