Our Services Priced

Chimney Sweeping:

  • Sweep with camera inspection and report (first flue): $259
  • Additional flue Sweep with camera inspection and report in the same chimney: $199
  • Chain sweep to remove glazed creosote with camera inspection and report: $349
  • Removal of soot from a chimney clean out: the first five-gallon bucket is free $50 per additional bucket.


  • Level 1 inspection (Required for all new chimneys to investigate the cause of any deficiencies within the system includes camera inspection and PDF report. Does not include sweep. Can be taken off any proposed internal repair): $209 for first flue $179 per additional flue in the same Chimney
  • Level 2 Inspection (required for all rental/property management and real estate transaction appointments. Does not include sweep): $269 for 2 flues in the same chimney. $179 per additional flue in the same chimney.
  • Level 3 Inspections are a case by case basis.
  • Evaluation for new class-A chimney or pellet vent: $95
  • Level One and Level Two Inspections include all NFPA 211 Requirements.


  • 5% expectant mother, military, first responder, & elderly
  • All discounts are based on single chimneys.