Now that December is here and Thanksgiving is past, it’s time to turn your thoughts towards the Christmas holidays and all the hustle and bustle that comes with the holiday preparations. There are meals to plan, presents to buy and wrap, and lots of cleaning and decorating as you get ready for family and friends to get together. Make sure that you have everyone added to your guest list, and don’t forget that one special guest…Santa Claus! There’s only one part of your house that Santa cares about having spick and span, and that’s your chimney. And who can blame him? That bright red suit won’t look nearly as fresh and clean if he has to slide through a dirty chimney!

Importance of an Annual Inspection

santa climbing chimneyIf you own a home with a fireplace, then you know that it’s recommended that you have your fireplace and chimney system cleaned and inspected on an annual basis. But you may not understand what a chimney inspection and sweeping entails. There are several things that we’ll be looking for, and one of the top things is creosote buildup. When you use your fireplace a lot, you have a greater possibility of a heavy creosote buildup. Any wood you burn, no matter how well seasoned, will have moisture in it. That’s where your smoke comes from. Moisture is released through the combustion process, along with many different chemicals. As these rise through your chimney, some will condense onto the cooler interior of your chimney and form a layer of gunky buildup, usually either black and crusty or brown and gooey, drippy, sticky, really a variety of looks, but two things are true of it no matter what the look is. One thing is that it doesn’t smell very good. It can cause a bad odor to exist in your house if it doesn’t get cleared out. The second thing is that it is extremely flammable. Even as little as an eighth of an inch of creosote buildup is enough to catch a spark and cause a major chimney fire.

Chimney Damage

Another thing we’ll be checking for is any areas of chimney damage. Most people think that a chimney fire is a roaring, crackling catastrophic event. Sometimes that is the case, but most of the time, a chimney fire is something that you might not even know has happened. In order for a fire to burn, it needs oxygen, and in most cases, a chimney isn’t going to have enough oxygen to keep a fire going. That’s good because it means you won’t have that devastating fire. But it’s also bad because it means that you may have chimney damage without being aware that a chimney fire even occurred. If that’s the case, your fire might not only not be as efficient, but you could also have dangerous gases leaking back into your home instead of floating up the chimney as they should be.


Did you know that your chimney can do more than just serve as a passageway for the smoke to leave your home? That’s right, your chimney can also offer a safe, warm spot for critters to hide out in during the cold winter weather. When winter storms hit, animals look for a safe place to stay, and your chimney is that perfect place. The problem with this is that those animals build nests, and those nests are perfect kindling for a spark to land and start a chimney fire. Another problem might be if that animal dies, and that means that you could be smelling a nasty aroma which will be difficult to get rid of. And that dead animal or that nest might cause a blockage which means that your fireplace doesn’t work as efficiently as it once did. That’s why it’s a great idea to get Firesafe Chimney Service in to clean your chimney now before you start having those guests over to share in the joy of the holiday season.

Who Should You Call

It’s important you get your chimney cleaned now before you start having those Christmas parties. The right team to call is Jim Walling and the professionals at Firesafe Chimney Service in Worcester, MA. Jim and his crew are qualified to handle each and every job that you can throw at them, whether that’s cleaning, clearing out debris, or making sure that your chimney is in top condition. We take pride in the community that we live in, and that’s why it’s so important to us that the members of our community stay safe and sound. We can help that happen by making sure that your chimney is clean and damage-free. It’s not too late to have us in to clean your chimney before the Christmas holiday. Call us today to set up an appointment and make your guests’ and your family’s safety the last thing you’ll need to worry about. Santa will be happy, too!