Masonry Repairs

Masonry chimneys are exposed to many elements that may cause the structure of the chimney to deteriorate. In winter months, the chimney may absorb water and freeze/ thaw causing loose bricks, mortar joints and masonry crowns to crack and allow additional water into the chimney creating more damage. Flashing that is designed to make the chimney and roof watertight can become damaged and in need of repair. Water leakage is the number one cause of chimney deterioration.

Firesafe Chimney Services, Inc. has experienced chimney technicians that can restore your masonry chimney to its original state. The level 1 inspection by a Certified Chimney Sweep can uncover serious masonry damage to your chimney. We provide a report on the condition and recommendation for all repairs on every level 1 Chimney Inspection.

In addition to inspection and masonry repairs, Firesafe Chimney Services, Inc. can apply a water repellent to your exterior masonry chimney to ward off any future masonry deterioration.


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