Draft Problem Solutions

One of the more challenging issues for homeowners is having a draft problem with their chimney. As homeowners seek solutions to improve the heat loss and increase the heating efficiency to their homes, often the house becomes so well insulated and unable to “breathe” outside air needed to maintain good draft in chimneys. The chimney professionals at Firesafe Chimney Services, Inc. can diagnose the type of solution needed for any draft problem a homeowner may encounter.

Your chimney is a natural vacuum that depends on negative draft to vacate the products of combustion from your home. Outside air conditions that may wind induced or wind directed around your chimney can change and as the outside environment changes, trees grow taller and other modifications to the home can prevent your chimney from producing a strong, dependable draft. Often changes to the home be it installation of equipment fans, dryers, kitchen and bath hoods, can interfere with your chimneys ability to produce a draft.

A total house air assessment can reveal the needed modifications to correct your poor drafting chimney and provide meaningful solutions.


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