Chimney Relining

The purpose of a chimney lining is to contain liquids, gases and heat. A chimney flue system shall require relining whenever the lining has a loss of containment of these liquids, gases and heat. Tile lined chimneys may need to be relined when cracks are found due to the thermal shock of a chimney fire. Tile liners may also be damaged by freeze thaw cycles and deterioration from excessive moisture from venting furnaces that are high efficiency. The danger from using a tile inner and create a hot spot in the masonry chimney that could transfer to the combustibles of the home resulting in a structure fire. Other dangers can result from a section of tile falling into the flue system and obstructing the passageway resulting in the potential of deadly carbon monoxide gas from entering the home.

Manufactured chimneys may need to be replaced should the lining become damaged from a chimney fire, deterioration from corrosion from acids and chloride deposits that may result in a loss of containment of the liquids, gases and heat. Manufactured chimneys can either be completely replaced or the individual components that are damaged replaced. Manufactured chimneys are Not UL Listed and Tested to be relined.

Chimneys may be relined using stainless steel lining systems that have been UL Listed And Tested for the application of the appliance being used. Gas and oil furnace systems may have heavy condensation from high efficiency burners that can deteriorate a new tile lined chimney in a matter of months of usage. Most furnace manufacturers require the installation of a stainless steel lining system made of an alloy that will resist corrosion from acids and chloride.

Chimneys serving solid fuel appliances, wood and pellet stoves, require the new stainless steel lining system to be insulated to meet the UL Listing and Testing to contain heat in the case of a chimney fire and in the case of a chimney that does not have a proper clearance to combustibles.

Chimney relining can also be done using several types of poured masonry systems.
Chimney relining should only be done by a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweeps with a MA CSL Contractor License and Home Improvement Contractor Registration who pulls a permit for the relining and property insured.


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