Chimney Services

Chimney Sweeping

The purpose of chimney sweeping is to mechanically remove deposits of soot and creosote from the lining and chamber areas of a chimney or vent. Creosote forms when smoke cools forming a flammable liquid that hardens and coats the interior of the chimney passageways. A dirty chimney can result in a chimney fire and place […]

Chimney Relining

The purpose of a chimney lining is to contain liquids, gases and heat. A chimney flue system shall require relining whenever the lining has a loss of containment of these liquids, gases and heat. Tile lined chimneys may need to be relined when cracks are found due to the thermal shock of a chimney fire. […]

Wood Stove, Pellet Stove

Firesafe Chimney Services, INC. has CSIA Certified Chimney Sweeps with extensive training on stove installations, services and repairs. We provide our clients professional wood and pellet installation and maintenance/service for all brands of stove.

Chimney Caps and Dampers

The purpose of a chimney cap is to prevent rain, snow, ice and debris from collecting in your chimney and to keep animals out. Chimney caps also provide spark protection and the size and area of the screen is essential to insure proper venting and draft requirements.In some instances, a properly installed chimney cap may […]

Blockage Removal

Chimneys can become blocked by animal nests, a collapsed flue tile, deteriorated tile liners and a large accumulation of soot and creosote. Firesafe chimney Services has trained CSIA Certified Chimney Sweeps, who can remove blockages that pose a safety hazard to your home. The National Fire Protection Association recommends all chimney and vents, regardless of […]

Masonry Repairs

Masonry chimneys are exposed to many elements that may cause the structure of the chimney to deteriorate. In winter months, the chimney may absorb water and freeze/ thaw causing loose bricks, mortar joints and masonry crowns to crack and allow additional water into the chimney creating more damage. Flashing that is designed to make the […]


The purpose of a chimney crown is to cover the top surface of the masonry chimney with a mixture of concrete that shall prevent water from entering the interior cavity of the chimney which could cause severe damage to the masonry and all of the flue systems.When crowns are completely exposed to the elements, improperly […]


The purpose for flashing on a masonry or manufactured chimney is to complete the transition of the interior chimney with the exterior chimney system as it passes through the roof.Over the years, chimney flashing may become town away from the chimney or roof and allow water into the home. In some cases, flashing can be […]

Waterproofing and Leaks Solved

A Leaky chimney can create additional concerns and expense to the homeowner. Firesafe Chimney Services, Inc. has trained chimney professionals who can repair or replace your flashing. Leaky chimneys can be caused by multiple points of entry. Have one of our experienced chimney professionals inspect your leaky chimney problem and recommend the type of repair […]

Draft Problem Solutions

One of the more challenging issues for homeowners is having a draft problem with their chimney. As homeowners seek solutions to improve the heat loss and increase the heating efficiency to their homes, often the house becomes so well insulated and unable to “breathe” outside air needed to maintain good draft in chimneys. The chimney […]

Manufactured Chimney System Installed

With the popularity of adding a wood, pellet, or gas burning stove for increased heating efficiency, a manufactured chimney system may be the ideal solution for this installation.Firesafe Chimney Services, Inc. recommends and installs the top manufactured chimney and vents to complete your new or old stove installation regardless of fuel type. Often, new high […]

Stoves Picked Up and Delivered

Firesafe Chimney Services, Inc. has a service area from Worcester to Springfield and most of Central Massachusetts. Our experienced technicians can pick your stove up from any of the retail stove shops in Central Massachusetts as an important part of your stove installation. We have over 30 years of experience in the industry in Massachusetts.

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